Nikos - Takis

Nikos-Takis Haute Couture has been successfully in the fashion industry for the past 48 years. The designer team behind the firm has a strong sense of creativity and adjusts constantly the collections to comply today’s style. Nikos-Takis, maintains high standards during production which include the following:

  • High quality of the fabrics
  • Flawless stitching
  • Perfect fit

A great number of international magazines and newspapers like New York Times, VOGUE, L’ Officiel and others, have presented in their pages and covers creations of Nikos-Takis Haute Couture.

The designers’ continuous search for new and creative ways has driven them towards the operation of Nikos-Takis Fashion Hotel in the island of Rhodes, a Professional Models Training School and a Models’ Agency in Peristeri - Athens, a Baby Christening Collection and a total Men’s Collection. Shortly, the designers will sign collections in the area of footwear, sportswear, home furniture, white linen and cosmetics.