Katerina Alexandraki

Katerina Alexandraki is a contemporary designer, based in Athens, who likes to mix fashion with art and social issues. Her inspiration is derived from themes like geometry, the wheel of the bicycle, the game of chess, the supermarket as well as from Expressionistic and Surrealistic art forms. Her basic mission is to observe street life and the progression of music in the big cities around the world. Showcasing in 5th Floor, Bread and Butter, Premium, Ideal Showroom and Project Gallery in Berlin, she developed a strong bond with this historic city- often a source of inspiration..! Among others, Tasos Vrettos is one of her favorite photographers. Jaques Bagios photographed her collection 'Wheeling2Play" in central train station Alexanderplatz, while Supermarket collection, was captured by Equadorian photographer Sergio Falkoni Parker, with local Berlin grocery stores and supermarkets as background. She gave birth to her new pret a porter label Sooo..! Sooo..Boutique! in the designer's work studio, a shop which promotes Greek and foreign designers, as well as unique vintage collections, not to mention featuring writings from the Berlin Wall./no more wars, no more walls"!