Dimitris Dassios

Dimitris Dassios was born in Athens where he studied Political Science, before training as an actor and classical singer, where he established a longstanding career. With a profound respect and influence in decorative and fine arts, Dassios found in fashion design the perfect expression of both his artistic nature and aesthetic principles.

Integral to the dassios culture is a passionate desire to bring together impressions from various arts and crafts traditions of the world. Inspired by either the Hellenic tradition or the cultures of other civilizations, Dassios combines in his latest collections exquisite materials, and authentic fine ethnic elements that used to be part of original antique costumes.  These aspects, in relation to premium quality techniques, modern dynamic materials and attention to detail, constitute the unique character of the dassios collections that are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition ones.

His collections are steadily presented into international fashion salons (WHITE Show in Milan and TRANOI Femme in Paris), while they are distributed through more than 30 influential fashion boutiques in Europe, USA, Dubai and Tokyo, as well as through his 1st  monobrand boutique that opened in 2010 in Athens. International art galleries and museums have also presented his collections so far.