Athens-based fashion designers Daphne iliaki and Evi Retziou created their first Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 collection after graduating from fashion school in June 2008. They have Marketing and Accounting educational background. They presented their projects, individually, for the Create Europe: Fashion Academy Award at the Hellenic Fashion Week in March 2008.

They both attended a workshop for Fashion and Architecture: Food-wear for the Hellenic Fashion Week in September 2008 and presented theirwork on the last day of shows. Their collaboration began as soon as they realized they had similar views on fashion, such as conceptual projects, geometric forms, the search for unusual materials and a humorous look on fashion. DELIGHT presented their first collection Autumn/ Winter 2009/2010 at the Athens Fashion Week in March 2009.

Since then they have been regularly presenting their collections every season in Athens Fashion Week. On April 2010 DELIGHT presented their F/W 2010 Collection at Cluj Napoca Fashion Week in Rumania. Their clothes can be found at boutiques in Moscow and Berlin.