Cristina Nitopi

Cristina Nitopi was born 12th March, 1982 Sydney Australia. Having the advantage of her Italian background Cristina says her passion for fashion arised from an early age. Growing up was like a fashion show always wearing new trends which her mother use to design and make for her. Cristina use to joke around with her mother as she used to watch her make patterns and use the sewing machine

Cristina never thought she would be a designer herself today. Since she left school Cristina studied counseling and psychology. Cristina also established her own private practise and realised she needed a balance in her career. Cristina says her artistic side wanted to express herself and through meditation Cristina found her answer through fashion.

Trusting her vision and sixth sense Cristina left her psychology career to pursue fashion. Cristina says meditation takes up so much of her time as she is always designing new collections for different markets. Cristina Nitopi established her brand in 2007 with Couture Fashion Week in New York.

Even though Miss Nitopi was born in Sydney her dream was to have her first fashion show in New York. Cristina's goal was to stand out from other Australian designers, and as she continues to progress with her fashion career her work is highly respected and recognised around the world.